/ BLOG / Hyper-V, Volume Shadow Copy and Task Scheduler

If you’re using a combination of a scripting language, diskshadow and task scheduler to backup your Hyper-V machines take special care to make sure that task scheduler does not cut off the job whatsoever. Doing so can cause the host server to crash out, although it doesn’t seem to be perfectly repeatable I’ve been able to track down an issue we were having at work where the power was blipping at a customer’s site very briefly causing task scheduler to stop the job which immediately crashed out the host box. Unfortuantely it only seems to crash out in this circumstance, when attempting to backup certain virtual machines, although I’m yet to figure out a pattern.

Removing the “stop task if computer goes onto battery power” option and then ensuring that the UPS interface software takes care of it when the battery runs low is a good enough solution for us, for now.