/ BLOG / How often do you have to bend over?

When it comes to insurance, particularly car insurance, it’s usually worth it (not to mention a legal requirement). As a nice feature my insurance company have an email-in form to process changes so you don’t have to phone their 0870 number. Brilliant I thought.

Not so. First off it takes a hell of a lot longer to get your response, and when you do its ambiguous:

Just to let you know we’ve changed the vehicle
Followed, later in the email, by
If you would like to proceed with this quotation
Urgh. What this means is that you then phone them up anyway to confirm what the hell is going on. Whats worse is that I’ve now spent a total of 2 phone calls trying to find out because I couldn’t understand the first person. Sods law says that it’s more than if I had just phoned up anyway.

You can’t win.