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For various reasons, I was a member of Greenpeace the last year or so. I recently stopped the payments. A few days ago I got yet another letter from them, trying to convince me to sign up again. Within this was a leafleat, telling me all about the organisation.

What has annoyed me is that they appear to advocate that using the funds I give them, they can best provide the world with green solutions by spending substantial amounts on marketing; I’ve done a rough calculation and worked out that they’ve now spent more on informational packs, than I’ve actually given them. Nice.

Now the bit that really gets my goat, is that within the most recent booklet, they clearly advocate climbing onto property, potentially defacing it, and making a joke of themselves. They also seem to advocate harassing people until they see their point of view. Quite frankly, what the fuck? Granted I am picking on the minority of the organisation now, but nevertheless this is their general public persona.

I totally agree the world needs to live in a “greener” and healthier way. Unfortunately with so many conflicting views, we cannot truely know at this stage, what is correct.