/ BLOG / Freecom 80GB USB Mobile Drive

Literally a few minutes ago this little beauty arrived in my hot sweaty hands. After unpacking the box my initial thought was “wow, this is small”. I’ve used USB hard drives in the past, but this is a nice compact one. It’s of a good weight, and clearly well put together. As usual it comes with the plastic protection strips on the ends.

Interface and power are somewhat standard; its entirely powered by USB, and comes with the relevant cable (which is a little short imho). Nevertheless it actually has a socket on the unit for an external power source. This isn’t included, and it isn’t clear if this is for future expansion or simple re-use of the internals.

By default it comes formatted as FAT32, with around 74.5GB of usable space, which is ideal for use between various operating systems - as I intend for it to be used.

The performance of the unit isn’t blindingly fast, but at the end of the day it’s what you pay for; a USB hard drive. It takes a little over 10 minutes to do a 12GB copy of around 3500 files and 250 folders. As for sound, you can just about hear it over the sound of my desktop machine if you listen for it. And barely over my keyboard as I type.

Now all I need to do is perfect the backup routine…