/ BLOG / Four Magical Words of Doom, LUGRadio and HTTPD

“My friend helped me”. You hear those words and run for the hills. Its undeniably going to be a nightmare to fix. Something I’ve learnt doing this job, is that you don’t fuck around with things you have no knowledge of, especially if its corporate equipment, doubly so if its company supplied, and lives in an employee’s home.

Unfortunately I’ve come across this syndrome multiple times in the last few months, and things only seem to be getting worse. Perhaps its that ego that most IT-enthusiasts have; “I can do ANYTHING!”. Bollocks. The first thing you need to do, is recognise is your limits, and when to say no. Trust me, you’ll get a lot less shit for it, your ego will come off with fewer dents, and you won’t piss off your friend’s sysadmin / network admin / IT staff. In the last few month’s I’ve had to deal with factory reset router’s for teleworkers, incorrectly configured laptop’s (so they “steal” one of the domain controller’s ip address, when they next decide to actually come to the office and chat…sorry I mean “work”), personal computer’s being hooked upto “company” installed and paid for broadband, and a long line of similar issues.

Thankfully, I can always sulk away and just go back to playing with a new customer’s servers, muttering obscenities and then emerging, taking the customer’s user off hold, when my temper has ebbed away.

In other news, LUGRadio Season 3, Episode 14 is out. Go listen. Or suffer my increasingly receeding wrath.

Also, chip has rolled a new release of HTTPD, and according to the mailing list it all appears to be well on the road to an official release. Check it out :)