/ BLOG / For the love of deity; Use BCC

The last 6 months I’ve seen 3 companies that I’ve used both professionally and personally for various services using CC to mass email their clients. This is not acceptable. As result one of my personal accounts is on various lists and receives a marked increase in junk mail.

The latest cock up came from MessageLabs. This is a company that provides email services. If they can’t get this right, what hope is there for anyone else out there? If you’re in the business of mass emailing any of your customers please, please either send individual mails or use BCC, and make sure that your staff understand why. It’s not just a case of your customer’s privacy, it’s your company’s also. Whos to say that on your list you don’t have someone who want to steal your business?

This whole cock up doesn’t fill me with confidence for MessageLabs, which is unfortunate as Symantec has bought Softscan, whom we use for mail filtering at work and they’re now pushing new contracts onto the MessageLabs system instead. It begs the question as to whether or not they’re actually technically a competent solution in comparison. In the past I’ve only had bad experiences. Anyone want to weigh in?