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I’m now approximately 7 days into the year, and thus 7 days into my new regime. So far I’m not as impressed as I had hoped I would be. Unfortunately my will power is something I need to work on, as so far I’ve only managed 2 ½ successful routines out of the 7 I should’ve done by now.

Partially, as I’ve said, this is down to my will power, but I’m also starting to wonder if it’s because of my choice of exercise. I’m taking the Matt Fury method of exercise (albeit at a lower level) and going for functional fitness. My routine involves warming up, spending 5 minutes or so doing Hindu Squats, 5 minutes doing Hindu push ups, followed by a final 5 minutes of either Bridging (which scares the crap out of me still) or regular push ups, followed by 5 minutes of warm down. Daily that should be 20 minutes of exercise. Which seems reasonable. Anyway, going back to the point, I feel a little bit… well silly doing them in front of Amy. She still doesn’t know exactly what the exercise routine consist of and will probably laugh at me when she sees it for the the first time.

I honestly shouldn’t care, but I do. I’ll break it to her over the coming week, get all the laughter out of the way in one go; which will hopefully stop impeding me from continuing at full speed. I’m hoping once combined with a Wii, this routine will be unstoppable.