/ BLOG / File system permissions are the new corruption

Bear with me. I’ve not gone completely insane.

When I first started doing IT stuff professionally I found it reasonably common that the go to excuse from other technical people, when they didn’t know the answer and didn’t know how to find out the answer and didn’t want to admit that they didn’t know, was that the program or data had become corrupt. To being with this made me laugh, especially when it was something completely innocuous, such as a shortcut being wrong (seriously, that happened).

Over time I began to find utter disdain for these technical staff who instead of admitting that they didn’t know the answer, or didn’t spend the time understand the problem properly before reaching for this excuse.

About 2 years ago I saw this excuse disappear. I rejoiced. Unfortunately it was not so. I simply had failed to notice that I just wasn’t dealing with these sorts of problems any more.

The last few months I’ve had to get in touch with one particular customer’s third party support for their financials, stock and reporting software a few times. This company is now also our partner, of sorts.

Apparently it is now cool to blame everything on file system permissions. Unhelpful when it’s just their software not being configured at all, or even better, a prerequisite of their software not installed.

Not knowing is not a crime in the company that I work at (unless the staff member has been told repeatedly). Not admitting to it, or not asking for help is, and I do wish that was more common.