/ BLOG / Falling in love with Eye Candy and Simplicity

I wasn’t sure that it was possible, but I’ve finally succumbed to a love of tasteful eye candy - E17.

Tonight I decided it was time to reload the old laptop, as I’m visiting a customer tomorrow, [un]fortunately this laptop blue screens every time you try to install windows (hardware “fault” - probably iffy memory, but its out of warrenty and Tosh aren’t exactly cheap). Naturally I dumped linux on it, and it ran like a dream. Over the months its grown a little stale, and to make an impression I thought I’d slap something nice on it.

Initially I decided to go for Enlightenment DR17 on top of a base install of Debian Sid. Unfortunately getting the little bugger to run is a little trying, as part of the dependancies are somewhat…well lets just say broken. After nearly 2 or so hours I was quickly coming to the conclusion that I needed to just get something on the damn laptop. Reaching for my stack of CD’s my hand fell across XUbuntu (XFCE based Ubuntu).

After the install the first thing that crossed my mind was “god is this thing good”. I’ve been fond of XFCE although I normally wouldn’t use it on my desktop, but good lord is it speedy in comparison to Gnome and KDE. Dare I say almost as fast as Fluxbox. So, I set about customising it; tsclient being the main one, along with a decent browser (firefox, with the mouse gestures extension), amongst other things.

By the time the whole setup was finished, the eLive CD had finished downloading. Why not bung it in a give it a go, I thought? Unfortunately that was a bad idea, as I think I lost part of the late evening just staring at the speed and stylish beauty of E17. Normally I’m not one for Eye Candy, but in my opinion, E17 is quietly understated, functions well, and most importantly; theres almost no loss of speed. I’m almost confident to say that both my colleagues (windows lovers) will be impressed to the point of perhaps trying a linux distribution with E17 as the WM / DE.

So there we have it, the evening where I fell in love with both tasteful simplicity, and “low powered” eye candy. Perhaps you should try something different? It’s amazing what you miss when you stick with your favourite app. The good thing is with all the choice, theres plenty out there to do, play with and perhaps adopt.