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Those of you who also have the fun of looking after ISA 2006, maybe interested in knowing that ISA 2006 SP1 is out and hit the MS download site yesterday. There are mostly fixes, but two new features did stand out to me - the “Traffic Simulator” and the “Configuration Change Tracking”. In our customer’s environment these could be exceptionally handy, as multiple people do have access to ISA’s console, and documenting alterations are sometimes somewhat lax.

If you’re going to install it on your box(es), as with all ISA updates you’ll need to becareful installing it. The service pack does stop the ISA services and requires a reboot - which means dropping network connections. I’ve not had the pleasure of to personally testing it on a virtual machine yet, but I’d be willing to bet that it doesn’t restart the ISA server before that reboot.

Thomas Shinder, who we affectionately refer to as Roger Moore at work, wrote “a few” words on all of the new features (from his point of view), along with an extended tutorial on the new web publishing rule test feature. If you’re looking after ISA at all, it’s definately worth at least skimming through the first bits to get an idea of what’s coming.