/ BLOG / EVE: Where's the love?

It’s no secret I’m a bit of a SciFi nut, thanks to my mother. For this reason I’d enjoyed playing EVE: Online, in the past. For reasons of health, and sanity, I’ve limited my play time over recent years. Over a month ago my 2 months worth of game time ran out and I didn’t renew. Whilst EVE had been updated visually I felt that very little had really changed in the universe. Ok, so things like Can art were banned and scheduled for automated clean up (the poor EVE gate) and several new ship types for corp players, but very little for the privateer. Many gank points remained, Jove was inaccessible, the economy was rather high, and the lag points still existed (although I very much understand the technical challenges behind this, based on their infrastructure).

I had thought that maybe I was being unreasonable, but despite this I felt that something needed to change in the universe. To me it seemed stagnant. Maybe some sort of huge cataclysmic event to help shake things up.

It seems that CCP were aware that many people felt the same, so imagine my joy at coming across the feature site for the latest update; EVE: the Empyrean Age.

Before seeing this I wasn’t planning on touching EVE for some time, but maybe I will again, once the Empyrean Age has been going for a few weeks. Funnily enough I do actually already have the accompanying novel on pre-order, although I wasn’t aware that it was linked to a story line in-game as well.