/ BLOG / Doin' the whole healthy eating thing.. or not

So I’d prepared myself a relatively healthy meal, and I took it upstairs to eat (as usual), only I never got to eat it. Approaching my desk the plate wobbled and I lost the entire fucking lot all over the floor. What was worse was that I wasn’t even able to eat it (3 second rule - more like 3 minutes!) as the plate shattered. Fucking awesome.

More irritatingly was that it took me the best part of an hour or so in total to prepare and then clean up the aftermath, and by that time I was bloodly starving. So I resorted to having an entire pizza. Now I honestly wish I hadn’t.

Guess I’m gonna have to make up for it tomorrow.. maybe. So why did I decide to share this with the world? So that I’m accountable. It’s gonna be the only way I actually make a difference in my my diet, I think.