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As many are already aware, my car got broken into either last night, or early this morning. This sucks. On the upside all I’ve pretty much lost is a few quid in change and come away with a missing ashtray, and a bent door.

It was noticed about 11:15am or so and I reported it to the police. After what must’ve been a good 15 minutes on hold (listening to how I should really lock my car and even a coat on display can provoke a robbery, which annoyed me no end), I got through to a real person who took my details, etc. and I was informed that I’d probably be getting someone from CSI (yes that turn-of-phrase was used) to come and dust for fingerprints.

So I left the car as it was and it started to rain. A lot. After a lot of faffing with bin bags and tape I got the car relatively sealed until CSI arrived at around about 5:45pm. As I kind of expected there were no prints and I now just have a dusty car door - with a 2 inch gap.

It’s now in the garage, where it usually lives. Sods law that I left it out that night really. Interestingly it looks like there weren’t any tools used and there was no foot print or dent on the door to suggest a foot was placed and used as leverage. Also interestingly another Peugeot 206 was done in the exactly same way around the corner, which suggests to me that it wasn’t an opportunistic robbery (plus the fact I live in a cul-de-sac helps on this front) but organised…

Insurance wise, I’m probably not going to claim against as it’d cost me more in the long run as I’d loose my no claims bonus (it sucks having less than 4 years damnit). Obligatory pictures can be found at the following location;

Edit: Yes, that is with the door “closed”.