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Yesterday evening I went to see Muse, for the second time, at the Cardiff International Arena. As usual they put on a good show, and I had a laugh. I could’ve done without the drive home, but thats another story.

Unfortunately it seems as if some people don’t have common sense or any form of “concert etiquette”. A few of my biggest pet hates from last night:

  1. If you intend to be in the thick of things (read: at the front, or near a 'pit), do not bring a bag. It's fucking annoying, and will only cause your fellow people behind you to get very fucking pissed off and have the desire to open said bag.
  2. If you have hair longer than shoulder length, consider tying it up a bit. Really long hair should definately be tied up.
  3. If you're only there for the headliners, telling the opening band(s) on stage to piss off isn't called for. Quite frankly you can fuck off, there's going to be someone who wants to listen to them.

If you’ve not been to a concert of medium - large size, with standing tickets, don’t rush to the front. Things do get very squashed as the main act are there. Live with it. Half of the problem is caused by the little ‘uns and first timers wanting to get out, and the rest wanting to get nearer the front. To those I elbowed in the face, etc. to get the missus out last night, I apologise. To the bald guy (on the unlikely chance you’ll read this), you’re a fucking nice bloke; cheers for the helping hand. Pretty sure I met you at the Slayer gig too :)

Finally, bands with a larger demographic are going to attract more assholes. Quite frankly I’ve been to see quite a number of more “hardcore” bands, and they’re always reasonably calm outside of the pit, bands like Muse, or System of a Down, will not be.