Or some interesting links, if you’d rather be polite. I apologise in advance for those who might have already seen some of these links already appear on planet sysadmin.

  • Visualizing DTrace is an interesting and amusing talk from Bryan Cantrill at this year's LISA conference. Take the title with a pinch of salt as he also delves into the infamous Shouting in the DataCentre video and a whole load of other intersting things.
  • SysAdvent 2009 has just started. Last year's was great, this year should be just as good.
  • Robert 'RSnake' Hansen has posted an informational video on DNS Rebinding, and using it in conjunction with session pinning. Worth watching if you're a system or coding guy.
  • If you're into your metal then I can recommend checking out Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. I saw them last weekend at the O2 Academy in Bristol, along with Everytime I Die, In Flames (who pulled a lucky guy out of the crowd to film from the stage) and Killswitch Engage. All were amazingly awesome, but Maylene I'd not come across before. They had a great set, extremely crisp sound (in fact the best of the gig, despite the other bands being arguably more experienced). If you've got a chance to see the remaining bits of the Taste of Chaos tour, then do so.
  • If you run a business in the UK watch out for the VAT switch back on Jan 1st 2010.
  • Microsoft are running a R2 Haiku competition. You might be able to grab a home entertainment system complete with Xbox. They don't exactly stipulate that the Haiku has to be Windows Server orientated, but it's probably expected!