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Very recently I got an update, via email from Microsoft, stating that Prometric were going to be the sole examination body for all Microsoft certification.

This presented me with somewhat of a problem as I still want to take the various LPIC, as well as Microsoft and other exams this year, and spreading them across multiple bodies would be really irritating; more people to chase, more confusion, etc. However, even more irritatingly the nearest Prometric test centre (with the exams I want to take) can be found in Swindon - that’s about 40 miles away from where I live. Whilst not a huge problem that does represent a waste of a day traveling and taking the exam(s). Pearson Vue are still honouring any test appointments for the near future, but my experience with them was… well shall we say less than impressive.

However, it looks like Prometric are acknowledging this, and are [supposedly] increasing their speed at producing more test locations, with the aim for “no candidate needing to travel more than 30 miles”. Fingers crossed..