/ BLOG / Cars, Eyes and GPS/SatNav

Well I’ve eventually passed my driving test, and to congratulate me the insurance goes up by a tenner a month. Oh well, it would’ve been worse if I had failed my eye test yesterday - basically I’ve got a small grey freckle on the back of my retina (See: Choroidal Nevus), and I’ve got a 1/1000 chance of it actually doing anything other than sitting there and looking out at the world like a big goon (I say big, but its only 1/12th disc size…whatever that means).

Awesome. At least I’m not going blind! :D

Now the interesting thing is now I can drive [legally], I could do with an incar GPS device to take me around the world / Bath; I’d love to have a linux based device, like the TomTom GO models, or perhaps hack something together with a Nokia 770, a bluetooth GPS receiver, and GPSDrive, but both of these solutions are ridiculously expensive imho. So that basically leaves me with the shit at the bottom of the barrel; a Garmin i3 and some NavMan stuff.

My Dad’s had Garmin stuff in the past and its generally not that bad, but the i3 runs on AA batteries and has no touchscreen. Urgh. As for the NavMan, I’ve never used it nor known anyone who has. Either way I’m going to be taking a trip to Halfords tomorrow, as they seem to be the cheapest and easiest place to get to from work. They’re even cheaper than most specialist places on the internet, and ebuyer.