/ BLOG / Blizzard III: The in-person interview

I started typing this on one of Charles de Gaulle’s (CDG) web terminals, only to find that they are the most repulsive device in history. What on earth were they thinking with those keyboards? No tabs? Poor web browser. They maybe designed for heavy use, but they’re bollocks - if you’re ever there, don’t waste your money.

So. Rant over. The big day! I left home for Bristol airport at 4am this morning and got there in one piece to discover that there was a cock up / miscommunication with the booking. In short to even get a flight I had to buy another ticket. I shall be calling easyJet about this Monday. I arrived at CDG in France and picked up my car, a horrible little Peugeot 107 diesel with no grunt. I then proceeded to drive in the wrong direction. 2 hours later I was back at CDG and had come to the conclusion that there was no way I’d manage to do this by myself, with no satnav, in a country I’ve never been in before, where traffic was up to 10x heavier (thanks to the public transport strikes). I decided to get a taxi - I’m very, very pleased I made this decision as I barely made it in time, with someone who knew where they were going. By this point I’m about £300 up on my original expenses. This is not good and I’m really dreading looking at my bank account at the moment :(

I arrived at Blizzard’s building at about 1:45pm and wasn’t entirely sure it was the right place. There was a simple logo inside the ground floor. I went up anyway only to be presented by a pair of large, gray, metal doors. I got buzzed in and was slapped with a NDA which I was required to sign, so this unfortunately means that I can’t really talk too much about what I saw :( Their offices are very, very nice in comparison to the rest of the building, and it was like walking into a bright sunny day, after months of rain and storm clouds. It was immaculately clean and well kept, and very modern. All locations off the main reception were electronically sealed, and yes as people have said, they do have trophies and statues in reception! The interview lasted about 2 hours, roughly, and was pretty informal and I met a range of people that the person who gets the position will be working with. They all seem like a really cool bunch of down-to-earth individuals, which is pretty cool :D I get to hear the news in a few days / weeks :)

I made my way back to CDG, again via taxi which the lovely Hotel Inn receptionist got for me (the French people are generally quite friendly it seems). Whilst I was waiting for the taxi I had the opportunity to have a wander around Velizy. It’s not the greatest place in the world, to put it politely. The traffic on the way back was horrendous, but I was there in plenty of time and I just tried not to nod off in check-in and boarding. Thank you screaming kids. You really helped.

Do I think that all the extra cash was worth it? Hell yeah! I might never get this opportunity ever again - I’ve seen a small part of the internals of a prominent games company and I’ve driven through Paris. Plus it’s only money at the end of the day; as long as I have enough to survive next month, whatever happens, then it was money well spent.