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This evening, after dropping off my sister at a party, I went for a drive to clear my head and ended up playing a game in the car. Having driven reasonably agressively out of the city I wanted to see if I could get the reported 33MPG for the trip so far to the claimed 51MPG. Naturally it would be pretty easy if I just hit the motorway and threw on the cruse control, so I went out on the A4174 to the turning for Yate, via Coalpit Heath, and then back to Bath. This gave me a good mix of driving.

Unfortunately the A4 ring road is one of my favourite places to drive around here, so its pretty tempting to put my foot down and accelerate to the limit then cruise along. This made life a little tricky until I got to Coalpit Heath and things started to settle down. Going from 35MPG to around about 45MPG wasn’t difficult at all and took only about 5 minutes. However, getting those last few MPGs was hard. Pulling away slowly is not always easy and at one point, near Yate, I had to pull away and lost the 0.5MPG I’d been working on for over 10 minutes.

The long and short of it is that by the time I came back into Bath I was hitting about 53MPG and by the time I got home I was approximately 50.6MPG. So its very possible to get that on average and still use the pulling power of the car when required. Naturally the exercise also raised the total average MPG by about 4MPG.

So possible, but also a very sad exercise to have performed. Definately cleared my head though..