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I’ve recently been trying to decide how best to backup my systems, now that I really cannot live with the thought of having to re-rip all of my music. My first thought was the rather obvious, tried and tested system of a cheap tape drive from ebay attached to my Debian Etch box. Unfortunately looking at the prices of the size tapes I’d be after, and the thought that restoring and backing up can take some time, I started looking for alternatives.

We provide online backup services at work, and they do work quite well. No native linux daemon though. So that left me with the “new fangled” and potentially risky USB hard drive option. Chris suggested that I bring a large disk with me, so I can return with various bits and pieces for work when I’m next in his direction. As such I’ve ended up biting the bullet and I’ve gone for a Freecom 80GB 2.5" Mobile Hard Drive.

It should be small enough to take with me to places, compatible enough to actually beable to use on various machines of differing OS', and hopefully will be enough disk space to keep me going for a while. At least as a primary backup device.

Now all I need to do is get my arse in gear and do a regular backup once it arrives….