/ BLOG / Am I using the right distro?

Seeing things like the free Ksplice Uptrack service for Ubuntu, I’m really starting to wonder if I’m using the right distro, on servers. Debian is my current preference, and has been for quite a while.

Ksplice is a product/project I’ve been interested in for quite sometime, but I’ve always had a bit of a problem with the implementation. I try and keep on top of vulns for as many as the products that I support at work, and personally, but inevitably I do miss things. The Uptrack service seems to solve this, but as an individual I couldn’t justify what I suspect is a non-trivial cost for my Debian boxes.

So, as Ubuntu is Debian based, and the Canonical server team seems to hold a lot of the same values as the Debian team and myself, am I still using the right distro for the times? More importantly, is Debian destined to be nothing more than “meta-distro”[1] in the future[2]?

[1] A distro from which other distros are built. [2] Given the number of distros which now depend on Debian, and the size and number of skilled people who contribute it, I don’t believe that Debian will be going away any time in the future, nor can I see it’s usage as a standalone distro diminishing to 0, I can see it shrinking with time. Especially if we keep seeing free/low cost, integrated, collateral services.