/ BLOG / 2.5" SAS drives

Slowly SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) drives are becoming the standard in servers, and we’ve been using the standard 3.5" sized versions for quite a few months. However, we purchased a 1U box for a new customer a few weeks ago, knowing that it would have 2.5" drives instead.

I’d been told by colleagues from other companies, who have already deployed a few, that they were pretty impressive in the field, often out performing their 3.5" cousins. Whilst I’m yet to see any significant improvement in performance at present (the box isn’t under full load at present), they definately aren’t slower and they do allow you to add more hard drives to a chassis, due to their reduced dimensions. They also consume less power and produce less heat.

Given the power restrictions becoming a more significant problem in the datacentre for both small and large companies alike, and the sheer number of SAS drives you can connect (both with and without expanders), I currently see no reason not to opt for them.

Front view of a 2.5 inch SAS drive

Isometric style view of a 2.5 inch SAS drive

Plus they look cute and deceptively delicate! :)