So, how did I get on with my goals from last year? Fucking awful as usual. 2.5 out of 7. And thats being generous.

  1. Increase fitness: epic fail, although I am now eating less crap than I used to. It's still a lot, so I'm counting this as a half.
  2. Vendor certification: pffft. Fail. I have bought a number of books over the course of the year, along with doing a wide variety of things on the intarwebs, but it's not actually gone anywhere yet.
  3. More holiday: Fail, massively but mostly because I don't know what I'd do on holiday.
  4. Spend less on gadgets: Winnar! Hoorah!
  5. Finding a place of my own: Winnar! I've moved in with 3 other gents that I went to school with.
  6. Complete caldav mod for Apache: Epic fail, but mostly because I dont have the need for caldav anymore and I'm using other tech to do the same stuff.
  7. More body mods: Epic fail despite actually meeting a number of new people who are heavily into that area of life. I know what I want I just need to get orf my arse and get them done.