I’m sorry, but this is going to be a second in a string of three posts that are totally for my own personal gratification, which will give me some sort of accountability. I guess if you don’t like it you can sod off :P

At the start of the year I made this post outlining my goals for 2007. Luckily there’s a “new” internet meme to describe my success in many of these goals.

Epic fail.

Increase my fitness
Never did join a gym, but I have increased my overall strength and muscle mass.. Not sure how well that equates to my fitness though.
Succeed in getting things done. Whether this is via the GTD methology or otherwise is irrelevant Give back to the Apache HTTPD project Make some significant in roads with the alternative live for speed server
Failure. I’m still getting a billion and one great ideas and then not finishing them. The introduction of Lightning to Thunderbird over the last 2 months has helped with this a lot though.
Finish producing the soon-to-be-open-sourced-web-based helpdesk software
I’m still working on it, although it’s actually in use at my current employer.
Produce that bloodly Firefox GPG extension that I’ve been banging on about for the last few years
I got beaten to the punch by the FireGPG guys (failing that I used my supreme super powers to influence the FireGPG team to create this, in which case I’m counting it as a win).
Skin this blog
I did this twice, so I guess you can count it as a double win.
Take and pass LPIC-1 (at least)
Failure. I’ve still not taken the exams.
Enrol in a course at open.ac.uk
Failure, but only because of a change in perspective.
Spend more time with friends Cherish more moments and not let as much get to me. Yes, I get it. I’m eeyore sometimes Be tidier
I’m counting these as a win.

The interesting thing is how my perspective on things has changed over the year. I’m now not so hung up on a degree, or lack thereof, I’ve been to a number of interviews and got offered jobs which has boosted my confidence and shown me that I really am good at what I do and that despite the fact that users really fuck me off, I actually enjoy what I do.

Naturally there are always cock ups you don’t expect over the year, but I hope I’m better at bouncing back from them now.